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Weight off My Mind ®

Weight is an area of work that I am passionate about. If you want to do something about your weight that has long term gains and longterm lifestyle change this programme is for you. Let’s find a way for you to have the body you deserve.

Weight is now known to be a crucial factor in the fertility process too.

As health indicators go, Body Mass Index (BMI) is a consideration when trying for a baby. If you find your BMI readings beyond the norm, it might be a factor that inhibits a healthy approach to fertility.

Once again, a powerful mind is the way forward for you.

As with most deep-seated problems, a negative-leaning psychological state is one of your prime enemies. You need to be able to, from within, chart out a path to weight loss for yourself; one that your mind knows your body can achieve.

When we sit down to tackle the weight/body issues, we are already armed with some key points of information:

You know what you want and why you want it: While weight loss is itself a desirable goal, you might be driven more strongly by the goal of fertility. That’s a start.
You know what you need to do: You have an idea as to what your weight loss /gain targets are. If these are unrealistic, we can set more reasonable and achievable goals for you.
You know what you’re capable of doing: Each body is different. Each mind is uniquely capable of driving a body forward. You know what you can or can’t do with your body. Let’s use the power of the mind to focus on what is achievable and gear you up to get there.
You know the pitfalls: A misguided or poorly-implemented weight loss process can harm your body, and chip away at your confidence. You need to avoid the pitfalls that can prevent you from staying positive throughout.

The battle for weight loss is a mind /body process. Weight Off My Mind® helps you to understand that connection and then applies safe, robust suggestions hypnotically, to enable you to be strong and exercise willpower and control, even in the face of that gorgeous cup cake!

Allow me to craft a tailor-made program, just for you, that can harness the power of the mind and help you achieve those goals.

Remember your goal. It is within reach.

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