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Success Stories

I am passionate about my work and what can be achieved through the therapies and strategies I use. Here are a few of those people that have benefited and who were kind enough to put pen to paper to share their experiences.

Hi Maureen,
Just to let you know that your CD worked it’s magic- I found out yesterday ( on my 43rd birthday !) that I’m pregnant. All natural this time- no need for ivf.
Thank you for the positive thoughts it gave me.

- Meghan Kelly

I just thought I would drop you an email. My mum (Lorraine) has not smoked since coming to see you 🙂 she was a smoker since the age of 15… she is now 56!! He breathing is improving and is saving alot of money!! I really cannot express how thankful I am to you. Im nearly hitting 3 months since I came to see you and can honestly say I would never touch a cigarette again!

What you do is a gift and you are VERY good at it!!

- Cassandra

Went to see Maureen as I have been a yo yo dieter since I was 12, now 50 something!
Maureen asked questions and very quickly sussed out that I was a comfort eater, and found my trigger foods.
After just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy I found I was able to stop snacking, eat 3 meals and not to reach for crisps or sweets when stressed or emotional. It is very odd for me not to be thinking of food all the time, just eat at mealtimes and only when hungry. The emphasis on being healthy, and not to be obsessed by the scales have seen my weight fall. It is just so great to feel ‘in charge’ of what I choose to eat instead of mindlessly eating rubbish food. I still ‘hear’ her voice when making choices, and find it so much easier to make better, healthier decisions. Thank you Maureen.

- Julie B. Hemel Hempstead

I hope you are well. I just wanted to drop you an email to tell you how happy I came to see you. My last cigerette was on Friday at 5.50pm (just before my appointment) im now on 3 days without no even a puff of cigerette. I literally cannot believe it. since the age of 14 ive never smoked less that 10 a day peeking up to 20-30 per day over the last 3 years. I have even stood around people smoking and it did not bother me! I know it has only been 3 days but honestly i never in a million years thought i could do it!
I want to thank you so so much! i am recommending you to everyone!!!!!!
i am going to book my mum in to see you in a few weeks when she is ready to stop!

Once again thank you! your AMAZING!

Have a lovely day 🙂

- Cassandra

“After my first session with Maureen there was a noticeable difference with how I was feeling. Having recently had a failed fourth round of IVF I was feeling pretty upset and obsessing about all things fertility related. Maureen has such a relaxed manner that it was very easy to talk to her and after an initial conversation she identified some key emotional areas that are clearly causing me some suffering. The treatment itself was very relaxing and I noticed improvements straight away with my overall well being and simply being able to enjoy the small things in life once again.”

- Mary

“I was told by the Consultant at the IVF clinic that my FSH level was too high to begin my planned IVF cycle. I was told about Maureen Kiely and her work and decided that I would give it a go!
Anything to help me start-even hypnosis which I had never imagined I would try. So I went along. I have to say that I felt immediately calmer after the first session and I was surprised by that as I am not someone who finds relaxation an easy option. Plus I was super stressed from the fertility clinic.
She helped me to find a way to fall asleep easier at night and she taught me to “use my natural ability to worry” in a more positive way! I cannot say if it was her or the hypnosis or just pure luck but my FSH came down, to the required level for the clinic and I was able to begin my cycle. I now have a beautiful baby girl. As she told me, “Try it – what have you got to lose!”

- Jane

“I came to see Maureen as a friend had recommended her. I wanted to achieve a personal best time for a triathlon I was entering. However, in the previous year I had developed a bit of a phobia about the swimming section- a feeling of claustrophobia with so many swimmers. After three sessions I felt so much more confident that not only could I manage my new found fears but that I would attain a new personal record- much to my delight. The goal she helped me achieve through hypnotic visualisation surpassed even my expectations.”

- Anthony

“When the Consultant told me I had to lose weight to undergo a medical procedure safely I groaned. I knew I should lose weight but I had tried so many times before and ended up putting more weight back on. I saw Maureen Kiely and she put me on her Weight off my Mind programme.
I have successfully lost nearly two stone, admittedly combined it with eating healthier food but this feels different. She has helped me to understand my eating habits and set up subconscious strategies to establish a way of staying healthy and maintaining the weight loss too.”

- Emma

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