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Maureen Kiely

The past 30 years of my life have been dedicated to helping people overcome their personal obstacles and achieve their goals. Through a carefully nurturing process, I have successfully helped people build their confidence and hone their performances and skills.

Initially, I focused on developing techniques to deliver performance improvements across a diverse spectrum of activities. Working with athletes, actors, city brokers and top executives to promote peak performance in their various fields. The one thing they all had in common was that they suffered from performance anxieties, fear of failure or of just not doing themselves justice at crucial times. I continue to work in these given areas.

In 1999, I was drawn to the very specific field of fertility. Fertility can be an emotional minefield, that can test the courage and the mental strength of women and their partners to the full. Whether natural pregnancy, IVF, prolonged infertility, miscarriage or the trauma of Still Birth, I feel privileged to have helped hundreds of women either achieve their goals or help them to navigate difficult processes or indeed overcome their loss.

It would be easy to advise one to not lose hope but the process of staying positive is really tough – as only someone who has experienced obstacles to pregnancy will understand.

With expertise and guidance, you can learn hypnotherapy techniques that will help you reach in and draw on your own immense well of inner strength, providing you with the ability to gain positive emotional states and reinforce an optimistic approach which will guide and support you on your journey.

The process of hypnotherapy is a collaboration, you as driver, me as your guide. Together we establish a tailor-made process that helps you overcome any psychological blocks and build a genuinely positive state of well being which promotes self confidence and self belief.

Whatever you may have previously experienced, we find new ways to counter the negative mind set which is inevitable after disappointment, grief, or the numbing hopelessness of failure or unexplained states of fertility.

The fertility hypnotherapy protocol that I have developed is safe, non-invasive, easy-paced and entirely woven around your existing emotional and psychological state.

We know, scientifically, how influential stress and anxiety can be on the mind and body and we believe that “where the mind goes the body will follow,” Let me help you to create a mind – body connection which meets your desired goal.

Maureen Kiely

BSc (Hons), Dip. RWTA, FBAMH, D. Hyp (Distinction), PDCHyp, MBSCH, Mfett.
To make an appointment, please feel free to call during business hours: Tel 07932 413851

Clinics at:

17, Cavendish Square,  London W1 and Ruislip, HA4


To understand the power of hypnotherapy, one must first appreciate the underrated role that the mind plays in affecting physical performance and successful outcomes. As many physical goals cannot be achieved without the full collaboration of the sub-conscious it is as important to nurture the mind as is to care for the body.
“Where the mind goes, the body follows.”

Why Hypnotherapy?

Subconscious doubts or fears can sabotage our hopes, plans and dreams… Both body and mind need to be in complete collaboration to achieve what we want.
Hypnotherapy provides an incredibly powerful way to reach within yourself and use the power of the mind to help achieve your goals..

Where can Hypnotherapy be effective?
Performance: sport, public appearance, presentations, interviews, etc.
Fertility: Unexplained infertility, natural pregnancy, I.V.F., coping with miscarriage
Weight loss: Long lasting life-style changes

Who is it for?

A more positive and beneficial version of yourself lies within you; I am the facilitator who will help you access that self. Your history is acknowledged but does not have to define your present or future state. We create new, positive emotional landscapes together.

What does it involve?

Hypnotherapy involves relaxing your body and slowly channeling your focus to an inner part of yourself. Once this state of hypnosis is achieved, the therapy starts to come into play, with the therapists helping make suggestions to your subconscious. The entire process is relaxed, natural, non-invasive and most importantly – powerful. Very powerful.

In what way does it help?

Hypnotherapy is the perfect way of tapping into the core of your mental state and empowering you to:

How does a session typically proceed?

If it’s your first session, then I’ll explain to you the entire process, and put you at ease regarding any doubts or concerns you might have.
Typically, the hypnotherapy session starts with a history taking and discussion around your general demeanour and then define your specific goals.
The session proceeds with the actual induction – helping you move from the conscious to the hypnotic state by using my voice. . Once you are relaxed and comfortable, I will work with you by providing positive, enabling suggestions.
I might do certain visualisation exercises, or suggest strategies that help strengthen thoughts and attitudes towards your goal.

All suggestions are designed to provide a flourishing and creative force to replace negativity, fear or grief and provide you with renewed hope and genuine positivity.

Remember – you remain fully in control of your environment and aware of yourself. The session ends with you returning to full consciousness – light, relaxed and confident, ready to return to work or play, feeling grounded and in control.

So if you feel the need for emotional support, and need help in enabling lifestyle changes, call me on 07932 413851. Make an appointment, and let’s get that mind-body connection working!

Costs are as follows:

£160 per session.

£275 for Smoking Cessation (1 session)

Clinics at 17, Cavendish Square,  London W1 and Ruislip, HA4

To make an appointment please call:

07932 413851

Or for an informal chat with Maureen